RED blog tour link roundup!

RED’s blog tour has come to an end! Did you miss any stops? Here are the links to all my guest posts and interviews, just in case!

 Excerpt of RED, via USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog

 It Ain’t Easy Being Ginger, via Forever Young Adult

My top thirteen fictional redheads, via Huffington Post Books

 The perks and drawbacks of being a redhead, via The Lucky 13s

 Gettin’ Lucky: an interview via OneFour Kidlit, in which I discuss what MY beauty pageant talent would be

 This or That (plus a giveaway!) via IceyBooks

 Interview via Teen Lit Rocks, in which I discuss redhead stereotypes, the books that inspired me as a teen, and my incredible red-dar

 Interview via The Hiding Spot, in which I discuss my strange employment history and my favorite word

 The Power of an Opening Line, via Adventures in YA Publishing

 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, via Me, My Shelf, and I

 Open letter to my teen self, in which I reassure fourteen-year-old Alison that being introverted and observant are not flaws, via Dear Teen Me

 Interview via ReaderGirlz, in which I discuss the social structure of my high school and my top ten favorite books

 In which I discuss my “typical” writing day, via Peace, Love, Books

A Sense of Place, in which I discuss the role of setting in my book and my life (and admit to spying on people on the subway), via Skylar Dorset’s blog 

 Thank you so much to all the bloggers who hosted me! Hope you all enjoy reading about RED!