Kidlit Authors as Theater Kids GAME AND GIVEAWAY!

My summer theater book, LOOK BOTH WAYS, comes out in just one week! And in order to prepare, it’s time to play a game/give away my last few ARCs!

Like Brooklyn, my book’s protagonist, I was a theater kid. I started doing children’s theater when I was nine, I was part of a dance company in high school, and then I switched to the backstage side and worked as a lighting designer throughout college and during my first four years in New York City. When I started making friends with other YA authors, I was surprised to discover that nearly ALL of them were involved in theater as children/teens. Apparently, there’s something about performing that lends itself to becoming a writer.

Below, you will find twelve current photos of kidlit authors and twelve photos of those same authors as child performers. Each kid photo has a number next to it, and each grownup photo has a letter. The rules are simple: match the kid photos with their adult counterparts, and leave a list of your number/letter matches in comments, along with your Twitter handle. (Please do numbers first, then letters: 1A, 2B, 3C, etc.) You have until midnight today (Wednesday, June 8) to complete your answers, and then I’ll score them and announce the winners!

The person who matches the most photos correctly will win the one and only SIGNED, ANNOTATED ARC of LOOK BOTH WAYS, and the two runners up will receive signed, non-annotated ARCs!


P.S. No, I am not included in this game. But don’t worry, you’ll get to see plenty of photos of me as a theater kid! I’ll post one on Twitter/Instagram every day in the week leading up to LOOK BOTH WAYS’s release! Follow me at @alison_cherry to witness the magic.


THE KIDS (click through for larger images):

Theater kid collage

THE GROWNUPS (click through for larger images):

Adult collage