Happy birthday to RED!

Friends! So sorry for the prolonged absence from this blog… it turns out launching a book takes up a fair amount of time. (Who knew?) But now, a week later, I’ve finally pulled my life back together enough to write about RED’s release into the world!

RED came out on October 8th. Knowing I would likely be a mess of a human being if left to my own devices, I scheduled a writers retreat in upstate New York with seven friends to coincide with launch week. We took off for the woods on Saturday morning, stayed through RED’s birthday on Tuesday, and came home on Wednesday. Having my writer friends around me was unbelievably helpful—I was so distracted by their general hilariousness that I didn’t even remember to freak out. For future reference, if you need to be calmed, you want Lindsay Ribar, Caela Carter, Mindy Raf, Jess Verdi, Jenna Scherer, Nicole Lisa, and Liz Whelan with you. Here we are, just outside the house:


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RED art!

Artist Simini Blocker painted a scene from RED! I am a huge fan of Simini’s work—you can see more of it here—and she did a spectacular job with Felicity and Jonathan. 

I’m going to hang this over my desk and stare at it forever.

Thanks for your gorgeous work, Simini!