In which iTunes makes predictions about my publishing career

Have you ever played that game where you set your iTunes library to shuffle, ask a question out loud, and hit “next,” and whatever song comes on is the answer to your question? It’s like using a Magic 8 Ball, but with thousands of nuanced, hilarious answers instead of twenty boring ones.

Lately, I’ve been very curious about how things will go once my book comes out. I guess I could pump my published friends for information. Or I could read blogs. Or I could ask my agent. But instead, I decided to ask iTunes.

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My brain is out to get me

My book is coming out in four months. So far, I’ve been pretty good at dealing with the stress. People ask me what’s going on with RED, and I cheerfully tell them, “It’s all done and ready to go to print! Now all I have left to do is publicity, and my publicist has things totally under control!” It’s too early for any important reviews to appear. So I’m basically just sitting here in the sweet spot where people are excited about my book, but most people don’t know enough about it to bash it. That makes for a nice serene headspace.