In praise of my agent

Because time seems to be flying by at warp speed, I have already arrived at my first publishing anniversary: one year ago today, I signed with my rock star of an agent, Holly Root.

I’ve already told my “how I got my agent” story here, so I won’t reiterate it. Instead, in true Alison Cherry style, I present you with a mildly insane sonnet. Please imagine me reading it aloud while making wild hand gestures.

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Comic Con Wrap-Up (aka Bizarre Things That Happened to Me Last Weekend)

I spent this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con with my agent and five of my delightful agent-mates, and it was spectacularly weird and awesome. I freely admit that I expected it not to be my thing—after all, I know nothing about comics and have probably never read a comic book in my life. But it turns out that like Walt Whitman, Comic Con contains multitudes. There were the TV people and the movie people and the makeup people and, most importantly, the book people. I fit in just fine. [Read more…]