In Praise of Nyquil: a sonnet

Dear readers,

I have the flu. Instead of spending the weekend writing fun things for you (or working on my rather extensive revisions,) I spent it in a feverish delirium. As such, I’d like to use today’s post to worship at the altar of the one thing that has kept me sane since Thursday night: NYQUIL.
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Why being a writer is like riding the NYC subway

It’s usually possible to get where you’re going, but it often doesn’t happen the way you’ve planned.

Last weekend, I planned to meet a friend for brunch in Union Square. Ordinarily, I would take the G train to the L train in order to get there. But when I arrived at the transfer point, I learned that the L train wasn’t running in either direction that day. I went up to street level and got on a shuttle bus, which I assumed would follow the same route as the L train, but that was not the case. The bus looped around parts of Brooklyn I’d never seen before, and I eventually bailed at the next subway stop I saw. I got on a J train (which I had never ridden in my seven years of living here), took it to the F train, and then walked the rest of the way. Needless to say, I was late for brunch. But I got there. [Read more…]

The things we do for research

I went to the Museum of Modern Art with a college friend this past weekend. Before we went inside, I said, “Hey, do you mind if we walk around the block for a minute? I need to see if this museum has a side entrance that might plausibly lead to a kitchen.” When she looked at me like I’d suddenly sprouted several additional heads, I found myself giving the explanation that all writers give whenever we do anything particularly strange: [Read more…]

Leggings Are Not Pants

You’ve probably all seen Adam Mansbach’s and Ricardo Cortes’s “children’s book for grown-ups,” Go the F**k to Sleep, which was published back in June. Based on their smashing success, I’ve decided to write a grown-up children’s book of my own in order to address a very serious issue: women wearing leggings as pants.


Now, I’m not talking about yoga pants, which are generally made of thicker material. I’m talking about those leggings that are so thin, you can see straight through them to the pattern on the woman’s underwear. Two of my friends are so distressed by this trend that they’ve considered setting up Pants Distribution Centers on corners, stocked with pairs of complimentary pants for women who have “forgotten” theirs and informational pamphlets on how to use them.

Julia and Laura—and all the rest of you who find yourselves confronted with this horrifying fashion faux pas on a daily basis—this is for you.



by Alison Cherry

There’s one way you can guarantee
I’ll look at you askance,
And that is wearing leggings
As if they were normal pants.


Yes, leggings have their uses!
They are very versatile!
But wearing them as if they’re jeans
Will never be in style.


Yes, wear them when you exercise!
They’re great for modern dance.
They’re perfect for your yoga class,
But leggings are not pants.


Yes, wear them when you go to bed!
They’re comfortable and stretchy!
And when you’re under blankets,
You can look a little sketchy.


Yes, wear them with a flirty dress
While looking for romance!
They stand in very well for tights—
But leggings are not pants.


Don’t wear them with a T-shirt
That ends just below your gut!
They’re better with a sweater
That extends below your butt.

We all can see your lacey thong,
It barely takes a glance;
It shows right through your leggings
(Which are certainly not pants.)


And please avoid metallics!
Though they are not quite as sheer,
That shiny, wet look doesn’t make your
Fat rolls disappear.


The French are famous for their style,
And if you go to France,
You won’t see ladies substituting
Leggings for their pants.


If you’re not geriatric
Or below the age of ten,
If you’re not nine months pregnant
And expecting god-knows-when,


If you’re not learning trapeze skills
That dazzle and entrance,
Your need a freaking zipper
Or some buttons on your pants.


So, what’s the lesson that we learn
From these frenetic rants?

Though they are great in many ways,


So, who wants to be my illustrator?


A brief note to my British friends: sorry, I know the word “pants” means something rather different to you! I was going to try to write you your own version, but I couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with “trousers” except “browsers” and “carousers.”